Game Analysis: Rust


“Soleil couchant sur rust – Games RUST” by willanbarron is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


  • Rust is not a forgiving game one mistake to you could be caught out and killed. The players in rust are not that forgiving and like to kill on sight and if you going a wipe late they will kill all the time.

Game Play Analysis

The BasicsNOTES
Name of the gameRust
The platformPC
Time played (should be at least 30 minutes)37(hours)
If you could work on this game (change it),
what would you change and why?
I would try to make it more starter friendly
How many players are supported?The player amount depends on the server
Does it need to be an exact number?No but I think that a player amount of at least of 100 is good
How does this affect play?It is mostly a free for all your teammates that you make can betray you so find so trust worthy people
What are the players trying to do?They are trying to be the best and biggest clan or solo on the server and most people don’t like when someone builds next to them
Rules/MechanicsRust is more of a Progression of play game
What controls are used?Movement
Left Click
Use Equipped Item (ALT)
Right Click
Hold Control
Head Look
Alt + move mouse
Tab or i
Open crafting tab
Hotbar Items
Numbers 1-6
Rapid Hotbar Item Switch
Scroll Wheel
E on object
Rotate Building Piece
R while placing
Open Interaction Menu Wheel
Hold E on object, Left Click to select
Change Building Plan Structure
Hold Right Click, Left Click to select
Cancel Menu Wheel Selection
Release held button (E or Right Click)
Lobby Menu
T or Enter
Hold V
Turn Music On/Off
Page Up
Open Map Screen
Hold G
Edit Map
Right Click while holding G
Enable the Console
Was there a clear introductory tutorial?No but people have made YouTube videos that helps a lot
Were they easy to understand or did you find yourself spamming the controls?I just looked at the controls for about 5 mins
Resources & Resource ManagementNOTES
What kinds of resources do players control?You control a person (in first person)
How are they maintained during play?You can get weapons and tool and even build once you get what you need
What is their role?Objects you get while playing will help you out for the rest of the time you have it but if someone kills you and takes it then you might be in big trouble
Game StateNOTES
How much information in the game state is visible to the player?Rust is a fog of war you can only see what your player can see but their is a map of the island you are on
In what order do players take their actions?might get a base down the try to kill other for go to monuments to get loot
How does play flow from one action to another?Rust is a real time game players will whatever they can to kill you
Player InteractionDirect conflict and Information sharing
Theme & NarrativeNOTES
Does it have an actual story structure?NO
Is it based on a historical event (or similar)?NO
Does the theme or narrative help you know how to play?NO
Does it have emotional impacts?YES
Also, look for en media res (does it start in the middle of the game)?Depends on the server you join
The Elements in MotionNOTES
How do the different elements interact?Another player can kill you
What is the gameplay like?Fast and yet still slow at times it can be overwhelming
Is it effective?YES
Are there any points where the design choices break down?NO
Design CritiqueNOTES
Why did the designer make these particular choices?They were not many games like this out there
is like
Why this set of resources?It is like day z
What if they made different decisions?It would not feel the same if it was changed that mush
Does the design break down at any point?no
Graphics & SoundNOTES
Does the game art pair well with the mechanics?Yes
Did you find any bugs or glitches?Not while playing
What about sound?NO
Can you spot any technical shortcuts?The game is not optimized that well
Various Stages of the GameNOTES
What challenges do you face, and how do you overcome them?Learning the recoil patterns of the guns
Is the game fair?Yes but there are some hackers
Is it replayable? Are there multiple paths to victory or optional rules that can change the experience?Yes each time you play it is different
What is the intended audience?Anyone who likes shooters but survival at the same time
What is the core, the one thing you do over and over, and is it fun?The core of the game is to survive and I find it fun

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